venerdì 8 marzo 2013

The banshees design

from their site:
Style Sindrome began to play in Rome in 1980, inspired by the new wave and post-punk music scene pioneered in the United Kingdom by such giants as Joy Division, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Anna and Stefano came from TM Spa, a rock band that had been among the winner of the First Italian Rock Festival in 1980, whereas Giorgio had been part of Electroshock, a well known Italian rock band in the late ’70s. When Massimo and Raimondo joined in, the band emerged with the final line-up. The music of Style Syndrome is characterized by an unconventional and well-balanced mixture of dark sensibility and psychedelia, as well as an evocative alchemy of sounds which creates a rarefied atmosphere. The band self-produced a couple of demo tapes in the years ’81 and 82. In 1982 RAI produced a videoclip featuring Style Sindrome for the show “Mister Fantasy”.Later on in the same year, Style Sindrome participated with the track “Waving in the dark” to the compilation “Gathered”, edited by Rockerilla and released by Electric Eye Record. Recently restored, “A mysterious design” cd collects 7 original tracks from the band’s two self-produced demo tapes recorded in Rome in the years ’81 and ’82, which had largely remained unreleased and gone lost over the years.  After a 30 years absence, Style Sindrome returned also on stage with a memorable concert in Rome (Init) on 9th November 2012, in which they celebrated with an enthusiastic audience their long-awaited reunion.

venerdì 1 marzo 2013

The keys to the future

David Ball had no doubts that synthesizers have finally arrived in 1979. 

"When electric guitars were first used I'm sure people were saying, 'Do you really think this is gonna last?' Electric guitars have been with us for years now, and I think it will be the same with synths. People have accepted it as a conventional instrument rather than a freak of science.'' "I think synthesizers are here to stay, regardless of what they're playing now. A lot of things I thought were gonna happen a few years ago have happened." England has a basis for synthesizer music. I don't think it's a fad, because it's lasted. Since Gary Numan there's always been synthesizer music in the English charts. It's gone through all the different fashions and it's still there.  "The synthesizer's such a flexible instrument. You can play anything on it. It's not a kind of music; it's a way of making music." Synthesizers now have the potential to become the next classic rock 'n' roll instrument. Keep your ears open. Who knows-in a few years the sequel to this piece may even star you! 
Trouser Press, May 1982