martedì 23 marzo 2010

Allison don't run anymore (re-post)

Looking again at the golden eighties, it's sincerely hard to distinguish what was and what was not post-punk in Italy.And it's not easy anyway to know when post-punk ends and indie-rock/alternative-rock begins all over the world... here in Italy the situation is even more difficult because we usually lived the influences of a musical movement no less than a pair of years later. Amerigo Verardi's Allison Run were a sort of late paisley underground band, just few years after the sixties revival garage explosion and only some years before the new british pop "flower-power" interest. Their first ep "All those cats in the kitchen" (on Mantra records) is still considered one of the best example of indie wave record in Italy during the end of the eighties. Like jangle pop bands, Allison Run looked at the paisley underground as an inspiration, revived the clean, chiming textures of folk rock, but they had a more psychedelic bent to their sound. In their brief career they had achieved large critical success even outside Italy and virtually no commercial success although they published on Voxx records their self titled mini album in 1988. A more mature lp "God was completely deaf" will follow in 1989 but the audience soon declined in the late '80s, the new psychedelic italian scene almost disappeared and Amerigo band too. For a complete discography please take a look at their drummer Mimo Rash site while listening to their wonderful debut and some bonus stuff too.

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