giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Entering the secret world again!

As everybody probably knows, "Sarah Records was a truly independent record label founded by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in Bristol, England. Active between 1987-1995, Sarah Records set out to be different from other record labels. Committed to socialism and feminism and influenced by the fanzines and DIY attitude of the 70s punk scene, Clare and Matt were as vocal about their causes as their music. They were brave and uncompromising, refusing to play the music industry game to the very end and proved you can run a successful business without surrendering personal ethics. Sarah Records released a wide variety of music by bands based all over the UK and overseas. The fact that the label continues to attract new fans is testament to the quality and breadth of Sarah's discography." 
The good new is that there is now a documentary "My Secret World - The Story Of Sarah Records" that is the first  attempt to explore this legendary, influential and often misunderstood label.Please visit youtube, vimeo, twitter and anywhere else you can find the trailer and help to make distributors aware of  the film! My personal homage to Sarah Records is  a self made collection full of demos & alternate versions of Sarah classics.... Hope you like it!!!

A summer's tale (the sarah demos v.1)

01 The Springfields -  Sunflower (demo).mp3
02 the field mice emmas house demo.mp3
03 the sea urchins please rain fall demo.mp3
04 The orchids - An Ill Wind That Blows (Caff 7_ Demo).mp3
05 14 iced bear - first demo - Ring the Far Bell [#].mp3
06 Heavenly - peel - So Little Deserve.MP3
07 Tramway - Technical college (Demo version).mp3
08 Another Sunny Day - Genetic Engineering.mp3
09 St. Christopher - Crystal Clear.mp3
10 The sweetest ache - when you see her (demo).mp3
11 East River Pipe - Fatherland (rare track).mp3
12- Breathe (Eternal Demo).mp3
13 Even As We Speak - Straight As An Arrow.PEEL
14 Northern Picture Library - Snowscene (Alaska outtake).mp3
15 Primal scream - Tomorrow Ends Today.mp3