venerdì 23 luglio 2010

Sound of the past

Pavia, Northern Italy, 1981. — From the ashes of Doctor Mabuse, protagonists of incendiary concerts of which no trace remains, came Dark Tales. Authors of three demotapes, they also appeared on numerous compilations of the period, including the now beyond rare “First Relation.” Distorted vocals, futuristic sounding keyboards and clean sounding guitars. All inserted in a new wave atmosphere made less sinister by a tight rhythm section always at the forefront, but never obsessive. Then in 1985, the end, due to exhaustion, lack of funding, and stupidity of those who were there, but refused to understand.
Listen & enjoy their great mini "Living out" and buy their fantastic reissue cd on Spittle records.

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  1. Grande, era una vita che li cercavo!!!
    Grazie 1000

  2. Scusa, non volevo "sporcare" i commenti, ma non ho la tua mail.
    Credo che il mio ultimo post sui Go Flamingo! possa interessarti.
    Ciao ^__^