domenica 11 marzo 2012

Glaube nichts

...the "prostitutes". One of the two demos, Dancin' Rigodon, quotes Celine in the title, and adds the curt caption: "Of morality and humanity I truly don't give a damn, just like everyone else, really". In those years Turin was producing a whole lot of music: there came Blind Alley, Eazycon, Changing Club, Teknospray… But if the Turin of those years was the problem, they represented its (dis)solution. The Prostitutes participated in the first occupation to ever occur in Turin, specifically they occupied the Barabba circle, in via Plana. Their first concert was in via degli Artisti, I guess that was back in 1980 .And after that they played together with a few bands at the Smeraldo Cinema... in ten years they played much more around... I was just thinking of situations that could be defined as "proper" concerts, not stuff like pubs or Dottor Sax. I think the whole thing became much more serious around 1982, with the concert at Tuxedo's. Though I don't have very good memory, I can think of five or six concerts in 1985 alone: twice at Tuxedo's, once at Big's, once at the Macabre in Bra, and once in Padua... Their absolutely best concert? probably the one they played in Florence together with Diaframma, Litfiba and I don't know who else. That was a powerful concert, in front of a lot of people. That must have been 1986… then the concert in Verona: it was during a festival, a huge stage and really powerful amplification, like they'd never experienced before...that was the last real Prostitutes concert. They never recorded singles or lps, simply because no one seemed to be really interested & it was too soon and then too late. They never was so they never failed.

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