venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

no mortal coil

Whichever way you look at them, in the "decade that counts", Cocteau Twins has gradually acquired a mythical prestige that transcends both their original ambitions and the music’s own guileless outlook. One of the early practitioners in Shoegazing territories, the Twins came very much to be synonymous with the 80s and the Atmospheric turn the decade took in music. Not a common dreampop combo but a band that came from post punk and finally reached a mainstream enduring success with the music they played for years. And it wasn't just another r'n'roll swindle and I'm not talking about Enya or Enigma, although someone used to compare them to those kind of plastic popstars. I've alway preferred looking at their music as an evolution of the Banshees style mixed with a sort of Krautrock feeling.  Anyway, embracing a kind of selfmade minimalism in their music, Cocteau Twins and the ethereal vocals of Elizabeth Fraser soon ended to create a style. Their influence was felt in several other bands for years and the volume of the Twins' related traffic on the Internet alone is testament to how profoundly was (and is) their influence on contemporary music. History says that they also split with sorrow and tears and this is why within weeks of the announcement of a 2005 Coachella reunion, Lizzie sadly announced she wouldn't take part cause she still could no longer face working with Robin. This probably means no future for them but a magic past to rediscover once again...

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