domenica 15 giugno 2014

No wave in Pordenone

"The Great Complotto Pordenone" was a unique and historical punk, post-punk, new-wave organisation grown up in Pordenone (a city located in the North-East of Italy) during the early 80's. Sounds from a lost province, strongly influenced by uk postpunk and us no wave. A crazy bunch of guys who gave life to a series of organisations and to the first Italian punk wave....
Very well known during that early "Complotto" time were punk bands "Hitlerss and Tampax" but many other was following, purposing many diferent forms of music during that "golden age". This was the case of XX Century Zorro, especially with their interesting album "La Volpe du XX siècle"and with other legendary tapes. The music was quite original, a lot of ideas that the classic form of a song could probably not fit well... broken melodies full of nostalgia, dandy and gigolo fascination, black and white sounds, pre and post world war songs, music for an other era which will probably never come ... The weltanschauung of XXCZ is simply formidable and incomparable to anybody and anything, a unique experience out of time!

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