mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

Lovers of today

Formed in early 1984 in Manchester... separated in late 1986. Played all the venues - The Boardwalk, The Venue, Corbières, The Polytechnic, The University, The Gallery, The International. Had a good following and some really positive reviews in NME, City Life. Released a single, had interest from Virgin and London Records... but the Warehouse Party and Rave age were just beginning.... and Manchester was soon to become Madchester... Influences? is too easily confused with "what music i listen too and like" - it shouldn't be. Martin Tivnan, songwriter, always spoke of Ian McCulloch as a major influence - in terms of melody and song structure. BAWL were big on melody and creating an easy to listen to sound, without falling into a MOTR category. Being in Manchester in the 70s and 80s there were lots of bands citing the same names (doors, velvet underground, joy division, the fall....).... but BAWL were perhaps more influenced by the Cabaret sound (Frank Sinatra,Vic Damone) and the pop sound of Edwyn Collins and Orange Juice. A big band sound without the big band set-up. One reviewer wrote "The Blow Monkeys meets Frank Sinatra" - almost right..!! You can make up your own mind!

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