sabato 23 gennaio 2010

Losing their religion

Coming from Udine, a city in the northeast of Italy, Detonazione formed in the land of frozen winters and desolate summers. They started as a sextet with great jazzy influences, just like some years before them Area's Demetrio Stratos, a radical anti-system group they wre in some kind devoted to. In their first gigs they had an original unique approach that remid me of the later well known CCCP style, and Detonazione were considered soon one of the best example of the so called art wave in Italy. They had immediately a single out in 1983, thanks to their fan Marco Pandin, a Rockerilla journalist with a genuine passion for alternative punk. And this was their masterpiece, "Sorvegliare e Punire", a title taken from a Foucalt book. The record still sounds like a fist in your face, an ensemble of angular sounds and difficult rythms. Someone called them "politically uncorrect songs for an utopistic punk adventure". Detonazione were close to the young italian hardcore scene but they founded hard to identify them with that style or to have musical connection with, since they did not sound punk at all! So, these sort of Italian Scritti Politti did not have lot of fortune and visibility, as you can easily argue, although they sold more than 2.000 copies of the single, stll one of the most rare and appreciated item for the italian post punk collectors. The great difficulties of the independent circuit caused them lot of problems to whom they could'nt survive a lot. No gigs, no radio airplay, no record contract and future. In 1984 the new born Tunnel records realised their musical testament, the mini album "Riflessi conseguenti", a bunch of unfinished and incomplete intentions, but still a good one. There were also appereances in compilations and a posthumous record called "Ultimi pezzi" but the time expired very very fast for them.... Don't forget them anyway, because a good attitude is sometime much more better than a good song!

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