martedì 6 aprile 2010

who the hell makes those?

The history is well known ...The Sound formed in South London in 1979, shortly after a band called the Outsiders dissolved. It isn't a very well-distributed fact, but the Outsiders' 1977 LP Calling on Youth was the first self-released British punk LP, issued roughly four months after Buzzcocks' infamous Spiral Scratch 7". Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Adrian Borland led the Outsiders though a couple of other releases, but the band sputtered out three years after their 1976 formation. Bassist Graham Bailey (aka Graham Green), who had joined the band in time for their final recordings, followed Borland into the new group with a drummer named Michael Dudley and a saxophonist/clarinetist/keyboardist named Bi Marshall.The Sound made their first recordings in the living room of the Borland family home, with Adrian's supportive father Bob acting as recording engineer. As demonstrated on Propaganda, a posthumous release from 1999 that collects these sessions, the band was gradually -- not so drastically and suddenly -- leaving the Stooges/Velvets axis and applying touches that would be developed into something all their own. Then came the important years and masterpieces as Jeopardy and From the Lion's Mouth, between five stars reviews and general indifference from the public ensued. When someone ask about post punk at its best, those are two albums that matter. Darker days followed, good records after all but it was not the same as the golden years. Adrian Borland himself continued in music, releasing with the band another batch of under-appreciated records and as a solo artist he had an interesting career too. Then on April 26, 1999, the man took his own life and this time critics were all agree that The Sound were not given the recognition they deserved... Well, I have here in my hands my own precious vinyl copy of Jeopardy - autographed by Adrian, one night after a great gig in Turin at Studio 2. He was a simple man, he loved to meet fans and talking with them about those times of empty wallets and little hopes... rest in peace Adrian!

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  1. Lovey write up...The Sound were truly one of the best post punk bands next to the Chameleons and both totally underrated. But like all things that are Great they are never fully recognized for their genius till after they have burned out.....

  2. @ Slow Pulse Girl:
    I agree completely. The Sound were one of the most under-rated bands of their time. They came from a place where musically only Joy Division were working at the time.
    I was lucky enough to see them play live once. They made a big impression on me at the time. I can't tell you how sad I felt when I heard about Adrian Borland's death.