lunedì 15 aprile 2013

A children's board game

The greatest punk rock band ever or the most overrated band of all time? One thing is for sure in my opinion, the Huskers were not as successful as some of the countless bands the trio influenced – from Nirvana to the Pixies or Green Day – but they bowled over pretty much everyone who ever saw them play. Me too, it was 1987 and they played my hometown Turin, Italy with an astonishing set including the whole Warehouse masterpiece. Though I never suffered the angst of youth that attracted so many guys to the Huskers back in the day, I still love their crystalline metal pop powerblast nowadays. And though I'm not exactly the prototype of world's biggest 'hardcore' fan I definitely can't deny the immense talent these Minneapolis guys had. From their beginnings in the late ‘70s to their bitter demise in 1988, Husker Du played with a sort of emotional ferocity that made almost every band before or since sound tame. I even saw Pixies & Nirvana playing in "those important years", there was really no comparison with the Husker Du "true punk rock fury"For sheer emotional intensity, it was quite impossible to top them and it's still hard to think of anyone who will make it better.

Husker Du " Spin Radio FM Concert 1985".

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