lunedì 1 aprile 2013

Heart and the glory and me

After all these years, I don't know why I love you ... and yes, The House Of Love are still one of my favourite bands ever. They were not particulary original and their work is quite "derivative" to be honest. i know I know I know. But in my opinion, they had (have) the touch of the true rock (?) legends... must be be the way Guy sings or must be the way Terry plays guitar. Must be the songs or... anyway, thanks to Guy & Terry reunited again, they recently made a quite triumphant return as the legendary combination of Chadwick and Bickers still proves that time hasn’t diminished their chemistry at all. Their new album "She paints the world in red" is really fantastic and I'm not joking... no Bauhaus in whites, no Bloody Valentines covering themselves and no Primal Screamaedelica sequel... Having listened to this album many, many times in these days and it seems that times never passed for them. I'm absolutely astounded by the consistent high standard of the songs and performance. No Retromania this time, no vain attempts to relive past glories or dragging out a reunion story a little longer. Like they made before, they're still playing in heaven (in italy we say "paradiso"): those melodic traits that characterized the House Of Love’s eighties and nineties are finally back and time waited for them as we were still living the golden Creation era... and just like Christine, they're still walking at me and still talking at me...

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