martedì 16 febbraio 2010

Sing this song that says yeah yeah yeah!

Five Or Six was part of the early-1980s British post-punk scene, expanding upon the lessons learned from the likes of Joy Division and the Fall in the late '70s. With an interesting debut single (Another reason) produced by Kevin Coyne and some other obscure recordings later, they gradually developed their world of punk-inspired energy, avant-garde conceptualism, and arty experimental leanings. Atmospherics & electronics mix with dub-inspired soundscapes and edgy, skeletal rock for a singular, captivating sonic experience. Not so original and completely underrated at the time, Five or Six were just one of many bands who popped up on the post-punk landscape of England in the early 80's and managed to sneak a few records out before going off to forming Spring Heel Jack in the 90's. The palette from which they worked was pretty similar to a lot of U.K. post-punkers at the time (Wire, Can, Beefheart, etc.) but it was Five or Six's wide-eyed way of mixing the bitter with the sweet such as on "You, The Night and The Music" that made them stick out from the oh-so-serious young men of the Ian Curtis generation. Please sing their songs forever...

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