mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

In the echoes of time

Vision were a 1980s band from rotherham/sheffield and their lifespan stretched 7 years from 1981-1988. First started out as Spiral Vision in 1981 and with 3 main different line ups and personnel, all hinged around Andy Beaumont (keyboardist). Richard Jobson of the Skids cousin Ivor Hillman was singer then before he left to form My Pierrot Dolls. At that time they were on MVM/PRT RECORDS. A pair of years before, as Spiral Vision they released an EP in 1982 (Dance Macabre) , finally changing their name to Vision and releasing their biggest dance anthem Lucifers Friend. During this happy period, Vision had a certain success here in Italy, toured extensively around here, Germany, Belgium and also Canada in 1983. I remember also their appearence on the Italian version of Top of the Pops (discoring) performing Lucifers friend... they seemed so young and unsecure... In their long lifetime, the band released singles on 12inch and 7inch formats but due to problems never managed to release the album Insight on MVM Records. History reports that Russell Bonnell - vocalist of the band - unfortunately passed away in 2000. Taste their great electronic wave music through their wonderful album that never was!

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