lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

Via dei Bardi, Florence

In middle eighties journalists & papers couldn't believe to their eyes and to their ears. After years of waiting, Italy finally founded its post punk definitive band, Litfiba from Florence. The band was born there, two steps from Via dei Bardi and it was more or less 1980. The early line-up consisted of 4 members Federico Renzulli (nicknamed Ghigo) on guitars and lead vocals, Gianni Maroccolo on bass, Sandro Dotta on lead guitar - left the band after a few weeks - and Francesco Calamai on drums. Antonio Aiazzi on keyboards and Piero Pelù on vocals joined the band shortly after. As you can understand, punk and new-wave were a huge influence over the band's early songs, which for the initial brief period had also English lyrics. But Piero couldn't really sing in any other language but italian. And so it was, from the band’s first recordings (a 5 track EP titled Guerra 1982), and one year later a 7' single, "Luna/La preda". Those were their best recordings, together with a bunch of demos that never saw the light in the official discography. Oh yes, there was also their celebrated first full-length album, Desaparecido in 1985, the great EP Transea (1986) and the second full-length 17 RE, that someone still considering the best italian rock album ever and a third good album ("3"). Later those years, the band's evolution, under the guide of their singer Piero Pelù, led them to a sort of "mainstreem italian hard rock" a formula that gave them money and success but no artistic value at all. I still remember them playing in an obscure club dowtown Florence in 1981 and I can't forget the end of the show with Piero in a pub with us trying to convince the prettiest girl around to have a night meeting with him. At the end they went out hand in hand while me and my 2 friends, coming back to San Casciano Val di Pesa with no girls in our car, were just thinking to leave studies and consider seriously the possibility of beeing soon rock stars...

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