venerdì 12 marzo 2010

( Re- Post) This was the modern world

Torino 1981-1983
The Blind Alley were a beat-mod band from Torino, with only one single published by Shirak Records in 1983. They were actvive since years before, close to the new born mod scene of Turin. The central figure of the band was the singer-composer Gigi Restagno, one of the most influencial charachter of the new wave scene in town at the time, later with Defear & other minor projects. The boy who played drums was my classroom friend Marco Ciari- later with Party Kids & Fratelli di Soledad - and still I remember those days when he came to school with the demo tapes of his band, or live recordings that sounded horrible... but it was really fun. Blind Alley were a great live band anyway, with not much of originality but with lot of young energy mixed with taste & style. Also they used to cover "live" great songs like Stiff Little Fingers "Wait and see" and "Safe European Home" by The Clash and they were finally punker than mod-ish when they played on stage. This is my personal homage to this forgotten band of the eighties, a collection of tracks from my vinyls and from the net. As for the Blue Vomit stuff, recently remastered (?!) on cd by SOA Records, I hope that one day my old friend Marco will find the way to realize a retrospective collection of his band... ciao Marco!

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