domenica 7 marzo 2010

Where flamingoes flew

GO FLAMINGO! was an Italian new wave band formed in Ferrara, Italy, in autumn 1982, not exactly the place from where you've expected to come from a post punk band. Three songs by GF! were soon included in the 12'' LP "A White Chance" (White Studio Recordings, 1985), released at the same time they won the contest "Indipendenti 84", a compilation produced by Oderso Rubini (Fare Musica Records). After this (un)success, they started increasing their live gigs, since the release of the debut miniLP "Go Flamingo!" (Fare Musica, 1986). Unfortunately, this (un)popularity was destined to decrease in a while. Half mod & half darkwave, they had an original mix of sound, full of energy & passion and a very gifted vocalist too. Though in recent years, the band started performing again occasionally, for the joy of their old (as well as new) nostalgic fans, after their last release on cd "In The Dark" – Anthology 1983/86 (No Tyme Records, 2004), a compilation remastered by Nicola Compagnini, including all the tracks that were released on vinyl and the first demos of the band too. I'm still searching for this damned cd!!!

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