mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Forgotten days

Don't know much about the group i'm going to resume now. They were called "Colour Moves" and I suppose they probably came from the Milan area. They had a rare and mostly unknown seven inch untitked "Trees" distributed by Supporti Fonografici, historical records shop based in Milano, Italy. What I relly know is that their song "Forgotten days" is a real classic and one of the best tracks of every italian wave compilation. I love this song. The atmosphere here goes from synthpop to darkwave and back again, always marked by dark shades & a sense of emotion. Their sound takes place in that band in which are declared the references to Defear with an eye to Death in Venice and Carillon del Dolore and in general to darkwave scene of the ‘80s conjugated with the sounds of synth pop that in that period invaded our frontiers. Don't know exactly if Colour Moves has been in the Italian alternative scene since the middle eighties or earlier but I remember that during those years, thanks to their great demo releases - also on alternative fanzine compilation like "zero zero"_ they became a sort of legend. I really hope that someone will soon or later give us more infos on them!

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